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The Cold Kicker is great. Really comfortable. I like the thickness of them.
And they certainly don't slip down your foot. The Merino Mid sock is the same. Doesn't slip down my foot in my Redbands, which are half a size too big for me, anyway. The length is good for them, too. Michael Tattersall, Woolcote Ltd

Good morning Sock Lady.
I recently purchased 4 pairs of your 6-9 size Mid Socks after receiving the second mailer in our letterbox. I must admit I seriously considered the first mail out but did nothing. This time I did and I am very pleased with my purchase. In hindsight I probably should have, and will do next time, order the next size up but my wife is also wearing them now. Your sox are the most comfortable I have ever worn. I have been hunting and tramping for 40 or more years so I have worn many types of socks. To feel the fit and the extra thickness in the heel and toes when I put on your sox is an everyday experience that reinforces the fact I have made a fantastic find. If your sox remain the same quality, I will remain a customer and will tell everyone I know about them. Good on you and good luck with future sales. Kind regards John Hansen, Blenheim

I searched high and low for a child's gumboot sock; something that was warm and stayed up! The Sock Lady's model are both of the above, plus my girls think it's great having a mini Mum & Dad version. Not just great for gumboots but any winter footwear!
Pen B, Reporoa

My Dad and husband highly recommend these socks. They don't fall down, they don't slip, they're comfortable and hard wearing. Great value for money, too. Just brilliant. Nicky C, Onerahi

I love these socks for the kids as well as for myself. They are so warm. Great for when we took the kids up to the snow. Both the adults and kids socks didn't slip at all in our boots, and when we took our boots off the socks stayed on our feet. Love them!
Lesley B, Te Pahu

My husband is very fussy with his socks. He asked for more socks and when I said what sort, he said the red and black ones. He prefers these because they stay on his feet and he has no problems with them. He has hot feet and these socks don't sweat. We're very happy with them. Jeanette C, Ridgewood Farms, Okaihau

Hi Sock Lady,
Your socks are wonderful, and as you claim - they stay up while I'm walking in gumboots, they are comfortable and they wear well! I've tried many other types of socks (some advertised specifically to stay up), and they are not anywhere as good as yours - regardless of price. So I would like to buy some more. Warren J, Hamilton

I have been regularly using the work socks with steel capped boots, and have found that they are comfortable to wear, good cushioning and my feet are not sore at the end of the day. Leigh, Papamoa

Thanks Norma, the gang are eagerly awaiting some new socks. Just to let you know Maurice will not wear anything else now. He proclaims loudly that they are by far the best socks at staying up in your gumboots, and your overalls never seem to pull out of them, so there you are, some very positive feedback. Karen F, Atiamuri

Great socks, have fitted out the whole family. We love how they never slip down in our gumboots. In the past I have found it very difficult to find affordable quality farm socks for our children. Problem solved, the Kidzsox are wonderful. Thanks for the prompt and friendly service. Kirsty, Southland

Elijah (Mr 3) LOVES his big person farm socks and wears them nearly constantly, I have to sneak them away when he's asleep to wash them and am very thankful that there are more than one pair. They are a wonderful sock and exactly what I have been searching and hunting for for so long. Ben (the Dad) said that they were probably the most comfortable farm sock that he has worn and I am in total agreement. Thanks so much and you will definitely be hearing from me again.
Thanks again, Bex, Waitomo Caves

I work with motorbikes, and ride on and off road for pleasure. I think these below knee socks are fantastic. They’re very comfortable, not bulky and in Wellington’s weather, warm. The wind doesn’t whip up my legs when I’m road testing for work and they stay up. I’ve been wearing them all winter and they are lasting very well. I’d recommend them to any bikers.
John M, Wellington

Thank you so very much, you have made my life so much better since my husband has been wearing your socks I have not heard one sound about "MY DARN SOCKS I'M SICK OF THEM, FIND ME SOME THAT STAY ON MY FEET WHEN I TAKE MY GUM BOOTS OFF". Oh the sound of silence it's wonderful. Jacqueline

Your socks are the best I have ever found for the farm. I still have all the others I ordered last year and they don’t have any holes in them. They’re great and are the best ever. Thanks and await my next shipment. Pauline W, Manaia

Your socks are just the best! You see, I’ve worn and worn them and put them to the test! I’ve put them in the wash you see, and they’ve come up like new. In fact the claims that you have made are all completely true! They stay up in the gumboots and never do fall down. In fact I hate to take them off when I go into town! Regards, Shirley G, Hamilton

The Townies are a nice fit and warm and comfortable. They are also a good length and I think the colour coding is a good idea. Peter K, Taupo

These socks are as good as you say they are. Best of all they don’t fall down and they’re warm and comfortable. I need more as my son keeps taking his Dads. Yvonne D, Gore

Can’t believe these socks. I now have my husband and boys wearing them and have told many people about them. My husband used to drive me mad trying sock after sock and throwing them away. Kind regards, Jan M, Rangiora

Warm, comfortable, hard wearing, don't slip down ...what more could you ask for! R.A Rotorua

We would just like to say how comfortable and cosy your socks are. My husband suffers from cold feet and now they are so warm and cosy. We bought some for our friends and they now have lovely warm feet. Another excellent feature is the fact that they stay in place and don't ride down in shoes and gumboots. They have a decent shape too for the foot, not like the tube shape socks sold nowadays. Keep up the good work. John & Joyce Button, Kerikeri

My family and I think your work socks are great. They fit your feet snuggly and don't fall down in to your boots! and they last well. Thanks for the service. Jenefer W. Atiamuri

Just a quick note to say that since we visited you last year and bought our first socks, we have become avid disciples and recommend them to everyone for their hard wear and best of all they NEVER slip down. Thanks David & Robyn Findlay

Thank you so much. These socks are fantastic. It has been one year since my husband got the last lot, he wears them every day, and I have only darned them once in each sock. That is all. The elastic is as strong as ever. He loves them, the nice tight fit in his work boots, and I love mine. Thanking you ever so much. Sheryl Walker

Thank you - we are so happy with the socks purchased last month, they are fantastic! I have been looking for decent socks for a long time but have had to make do with what I could find. Your website is so clear and easy to use, your service is prompt, and your product is outstanding! Congratulations, and thank you. Carmen D. Nelson

Have received our 2 packs of mid socks 2 days after ordering them - good service. They are great, comfortable and warm. They do stay up in our gumboots, but they are also easy to take off, an important factor for older people! The colour coding makes the different sizes easy to identify. The new colour brochure gives more information and a wider range, so now I am going to try the ankle socks. I'm sure I will be as happy with them as we are with the mid socks. Thanks again M.J. Northland

“I have found these socks very comfortable to wear especially in gumboots as they don’t slip down your feet. At this stage there is no sign of wearing or holes after six months of constant use. We recommended them to friends in October when he was complaining of always having cold feet. After purchasing a pack they then bought them for their son for Christmas, which also proves their satisfaction.” Allan & Jocelyn Hamilton, Waianiwa, Southland

"I have been wearing these socks for 2 years now and find them very comfortable. They are well cushioned, stay up your leg and don't move around in your boot which is great when walking round the farm. Also they are well priced. As for lasting I'm not sure as my sons keep taking off with them." Graeme Henrikson, Morrinsville

"I like the way they stay up. Others socks I bought were just another sock that slipped down in my gumboots. These are warm and comfortable to wear and I never have to adjust them on my foot. I’d recommend these socks, they’re the best work sock I have ever had." Michael Tattersall, Pukehina

"I’m an ex farmer, and walk about 5 to 6 ks a day. They stay up, not heavy, and they are wearing very well. Bloody good socks."
Peter Russell, Mt. Maunganui



I received a pair of Thi Hi Plus off you before the Field days 2008 and was pleased when I got them. I have worn them on frosty days and what a difference it has made under my long pants. They stay up really well, and I found I didn't need velcro straps. Excellent for wearing while riding horses, too. Thank you for bringing this product onto the market. I'm sure you will do really well with it. They're really warm. Thanking you. Deborah DuPain, Bay of Plenty

 The Sock Lady socks are the warmest and most comfortable I have found. In my job working on cold and sometimes wet nights, the socks not only keep your feet warm, but if they are cold at the start of the night it is not long before they are warm as toast. I made the mistake of letting my wife wear the thi high socks to the races one night and now I can't get them back.
Peter Ferguson, Harness Racing Driver Cambridge

 I think these socks are a great concept . They are warm and comfortable and not too thick. Really good for track and stable work.
Roger Lang, Trainer, Cambridge

 We tried the Thi Hi socks in our riding boots with chaps over them. They were really good , and didn't fall down. They kept our feet warm, and didn't get holes in them. Mum said they washed well. They are good to sleep in, and we would probably wear them when we go out to the movies when it's cold. Darryll & Lauren C, Waimauku (13 & 11 years)


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